The ultimate way
to publish and manage
artist and gallery sites.

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Art Gallery Plugin

The ultimate way to publish and manage artist galleries and sites.Art Gallery Plugin

Lifetime License

The ultimate way to publish and manage artist galleries and sites.


What’s Cooking in the Plugin Laboratory?

Free Stuff


Check out the Business Listing Plugin on the Directory of Free Plugins. It lets websites display multiple business listings and create categorized business directories.

The most recent update includes features allowing businesses to display adjusted emergency hours and emergency instructions.

Upcoming Updates

Art Gallery Plugin has upcoming features that make it more powerful and more flexible.

  • Ability to change the slug path for Art, People and Organizations
  • Before & After Enhanced Presentation
  • Maiden Name, Preferred Pronouns
  • Chain of Custody, Appraisals
  • Better support for murals

Proprietary and White Labeled Plugins produced by Massive Impressions

  • Automatic updating and enhanced notifications


Future Stuff


There are some amazing WordPress Plugins being readied for release right now. These include:

WP Corner Stoner – The content marketing SEO strategy called cornerstoning has just become a whole lot easier to implement and manage. This new WordPress plugin makes leveraging link text, to teach search engines which search terms to send visitors from, so crazy simple you’ll wonder why anyone would try without it.
WP Sample Manager – Lack of a universal standard for scientific samples hinders rapid, unambiguous data flow between clinics, labs and orgs. That isn’t good for global public health. This plugin solves that.
Free Range Social – Forget censorship. You don’t need to ride Zuckerberg bus or Dorsey’s Uber. This is your ride, the way you want to drive it, with who you want. Own your own voice and connect to the world’s leading people without limits.

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