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Art Gallery Plugin

The ultimate way to publish and manage artist galleries and sites.

Art Gallery Plugin

Lifetime License

The ultimate way to publish and manage artist galleries and sites.

What’s Cooking in the Plugin Laboratory?

Free Stuff


Check out the Business Listing Plugin on the Directory of Free Plugins. It lets websites display multiple business listings and create categorized business directories.

The most recent update includes features allowing businesses to display adjusted emergency hours and emergency instructions.

Upcoming Updates


Art Gallery Plugin has upcoming features that make it more powerful and more flexible.

  • More schemas will accompany existing ones.
  • Better shortcode features & additional taxonomies.
  • More styling and layout options.

Proprietary and White Labeled Plugins produced by Massive Impressions

  • Automatic updating and enhanced notifications

Future Stuff


There are some amazing WordPress Plugins being readied for release right now. These include:

WP Sample Manager – Lack of a universal standard for scientific samples hinders rapid, unambiguous data flow between clinics, labs and orgs. That isn’t good for global public health. This plugin solves that.
Free Range Social – Forget censorship. You don’t need to ride Zuckerberg bus or Dorsey’s Uber. This is your ride, the way you want to drive it, with who you want. Own your own voice and connect to the world’s leading people without limits.

The Types of Artists That Use Art Gallery Plugin

ART GALLERY PLUGIN allows publishing web content that showcases many types of art. Many types of artists can use this tool to show work done. The list is long because there are many names for artists depending on what kind of art work is created.

Artist Shortcode Added, Admin Section Improvements

ART GALLERY PLUGIN has experienced two improvements we’re excited to announce in version 1.3. A shortcode has been added that allows display of multiple artists. The Settings section has been improved both visually and in terms of ease-of-use. Read more about how these two improvements make ART GALLERY PLUGIN better. : A Site Built on Art Gallery Plugin

Throughout his sixty-year career, Yaacov Heller has been commissioned to create historically significant works for presidents, kings and queens, and heads of state. Now his work is curated for the future using Art Gallery Plugin.

Working With the Offer Fields in Art Gallery Plugin

The Offer Fields in Art Gallery Plugin are a set of fields that are part of the Add Art Work interface. The purpose of these fields is to indicate, to visitors and web-crawling AI, whether a piece is available currently and what the terms of availability are.

New Art Forms, Roles and Schemas in Version 1.2 of Art Gallery Plugin

Version 1.2 Features New Art Forms Art Gallery Plugin continues to evolve with the addition of 28 new types of Art Form choices. New Attribution Roles allow Art Works to credit even more people, even more precisely.

Testing Plugin Output’s Structured Data with Google

Art Gallery Plugin outputs proper Structured Data when used as intended.