Art Gallery Plugin for WordPress

Publish bios & work easily with maximum search impact on WordPress.

Showcase everyone and what they’ve done on WordPress with this easy to use Plugin:

Art Gallery Plugin for WordPress

Easier than gallery management software.

Art Gallery Plugin is built on the Internet’s #1 Content Management Technology: WordPress.

  • Easiest to afford.
  • Easiest to learn.
  • Easiest to maintain.
  • Easiest to promote.
  • Easiest to get results from, most quickly.

Easy to Use


Small Cost, Big Payoff

Art Gallery Plugin costs only $49 for initial activation, a year of upgrades and prioritized technical support.

A One Year Developer License costs only $199. This allows the plugin to be installed and activated on 12 WordPress instances.

A limited edition, one domain, lifetime license costs $299. Only 100 instances of this license will be  sold.

Learning how to use this system takes little time.

Works With Any Theme & Other Plugins

Designing a new WordPress website for a gallery or artist?
Choose any theme you like – Art Gallery Plugin adds features that are independent.

Got an existing WordPress website for a gallery or artist? 
Need to take it to the next level?
Integrate easily without having to change the design or layout of your existing WordPress website.


Extensive & Precise

Create Biographical Pages and Art Work Pages Perfectly

Publish Artist Biography Pages that include collections of Featured Works from the Artist.

Publish Art Work Pages that include links, with thumbnails if you like,  to biographical pages for all roles involved in each work.

Covering a Wide Range of Art Work Types and Roles Involved

  • Works for Artists, Authors, Actors, Writers, Singers, Song Writers, Visual Artists, Painters, Sculptors, Illustrators, Publishers, Creators, Producers, Performing Artists,  and Poets


Search-Primed Structured Data

Get Found & Showcased On Google Search

Art Gallery Plugin publishes art work and artist data using AI friendly “structured data”. This lets the Google Search Engine Crawler understand the info being published on websites, unambiguously.

Meet the technical requirements for “Snippets” and biographical information to be featured predominantly on Google Search Results.

Styling Features and Options Galore

Decide how you want Artist Pages to appear, what you want included. Control how you want Artists to be seen.

Decide how you want Art Work Pages to appear, what elements should be shown for each work and the order of their appearance.


For Us, For YOU

For Web Designers, By a Web Designer

Art Gallery Plugin is designed by Jason Pelish, a independent web developer who has been creating websites that feature massive artists since 1995.

Born into a family of artists, immersed in the art world since birth, he’s been asked over and over to help artists and art industry experts designing and creating gallery sites, for example with these  32 Key Requirements for Creating Art Gallery Websites. 

Now he’s created this Plugin for WordPress, the ultimate tool to connect art to the future.

Limited Edition Lifetime License

We’ve got a limited number of Lifetime Licenses available. Only 100 copies will be sold to the first buyers. This offer is expected to be sold out by the end of 2020.  Get yours today before they’re sold out.

After this limited edition is sold out we will still have the Single Site License and Developer’s Licenses available.


Getting Better Constantly

Licensing your copy of Art Gallery Plugin makes sure you get updates as they’re published. Lots of new functionality and improvements to the existing functionality are expected soon.

Changes to schema requirements, Google policy and algorithms, WordPress and the art world will come. This plugin is intended to keep you ahead of those changes as they emerge.

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