New Features Galore in the Newest Version of RSS News Aggregator

New features galore are added to this newest version of RSS News Aggregator by Massive Impressions

Newsies Rejoice! RSS News Aggregator has been upgraded with some exciting new features:

  • Easier Curation of Links: When a link is curated there’s no more reloading of the page. This means more links can be curated more rapidly, more easily, more reliably.
  • New slicker behaviors: This plugin has been updated to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by the WordPress Core’s switch to a more advanced version of jQuery, meaning better usability, better design.
  • Color Pickers: When colors need to be chosen there’s no need to remember hex codes for colors. Now color pickers make it super-easy.
  • Date Pickers: Remembering how to enter dates in the correct format is a thing of the past. Now date picker controls in date entry fields make entering dates far more simple.
  • Affiliate Linking: RSS Sources can each have unique affiliate codes appended to the links curated from them. This means that if the source is a vendor that you’re an affiliate of, when you curate links from them the affiliate code you obtained from them is automatically appended on to the end of the curated URL. This means you get credit for affiliate traffic you send to them through links curated using RSS News Aggregator. Now if they promote themselves you can use their links to get paid!

If you want to aggregate links for your online audience there’s no better tool than RSS News Aggregator on WordPress.

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