Adding Collection Schema To Work Categories – Version 1.7 of Art Gallery Plugin

Curating a collection? Use Art Gallery Plugin.

Art Gallery Plugin has been updated to version 1.7. This version adds the ability to attach Collection properties to Artwork taxonomies aka categories. More than a dozen bugfixes were applied since version 1.6 as well.

What are Collections?

Collections are grouped CreativeWorks. Collections are also a sub-type of CreativeWork as well. A collection is a work done by a curator, the brining together of multiple items with commonalities. Just like each individual work in the Collection that has unique name, Collections have unique names and properties as well.  A collection is made significant by the items it contains but a collection is greater than the sum of its parts.

Collections can be created by a Curator, funded by a Funder, sponsored by a Sponsor and under the responsibility of very different people other than the artists whose work are included in the collection. These roles can be filled by multiple people and organizations together or alone.

Collections aren’t just about curating works of art. Collections can be anything a collector decides to collect, but this Plugin is all about Collections containing CreativeWorks.

It’s very easy to publish the proper structured data for a Collection using Art Gallery Plugin. This assumes you’ve got Art Work defined already.

  • First define the properties of the Collection as a CreativeWork, as an Artwork in Art Gallery Plugin.
  • Second, create an Art Work Category and put the works of art in it.
  • Third,  pick the Collection name on the Art Work Category Properties Edit interface.
  • Fourth, (optional) check the source code to see the structured data and/or check it with the Rich Results Tool.

Version 1.7 has lots of bug fixes and minor improvements.

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