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Adding Collection Schema To Work Categories – Version 1.7 of Art Gallery Plugin

Art Gallery Plugin has been updated to version 1.7. This version adds the ability to [...]

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The newest version of Art Gallery Plugin, version 1.6, includes a whole new custom post [...]

Three Different Types of Artist Knowledge Panels

Knowledge Panels are search features that appear when search results are shown for notable people. [...]

A Sad Story About Online Identity

Here’s a little story about online identity issues where any similarities between actual people and [...]

Another Troubling Story About Online Identity Problems

This story is not intended to reflect or resemble any real persons either living or [...]

Do you want to hear a sad holiday story?

This sad holiday story is about mistaken identity. Kristeen had met the love of her [...]

Everyone is a Person

Art Gallery Plugin is a first of it’s kind technology to allow everyone the ability [...]

New Features Galore in the Newest Version of RSS News Aggregator

Newsies Rejoice! RSS News Aggregator has been upgraded with some exciting new features: Easier Curation [...]

The Types of Artists That Use Art Gallery Plugin

ART GALLERY PLUGIN allows publishing web content that showcases many types of art. Many types [...]

Artist Shortcode Added, Admin Section Improvements

ART GALLERY PLUGIN has experienced two improvements we’re excited to announce in version 1.3. A [...]