Everyone is a Person

Art Gallery Plugin is a first of it’s kind technology to allow everyone the ability to define themselves, using today’s best practices for web publishing and searchability, the most strongly as a Person.

What does it mean to be a Person?

How do you identify yourself and other as Persons?

These aren’t trivial questions. There are best practices for publishing information about people individually, each as their own unique Person. Today, the properties that define human beings as Persons, can be expressed on a webpage in an easy to manage, easy to read fashion. These properties are formally identified by a collaboration of the world’s top information experts: properties that define what identifies one person from another. There is a formal definition of these properties maintained on a site called schema.org. When information about a person is packaged according to the formal schema definition called Person, the data is more understandable to automatic means of analysis, particularly artificial intelligence.

Adhere to the Official Schema for Person

If there’s one best way to identify yourself on webpages, it’s most assuredly using the schema definition “Person” defined here:  https://schema.org/Person If information about a person is published using this format, specifically in a manner that is rich results compliant, the Google Search Crawler AI has the most optimized opportunity to understand all the critical details about a person. Right now the biggest, most evident benefit in being Rich Results compliant is that the page meets that part of the requirement for Google creating a Knowledge Panel for that individual.

Publishing information that’s Rich Results compliant, especially about a Person, used to be pretty challenging. Not any more. Art Gallery Plugin makes publishing information about people and their diversity of works, together or as collaborations, easier than ever before. And it does it all in a manner that’s the most Rich Results compliant of anything in its class. Get Art Gallery Plugin for WordPress right here!

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