The Ultimate Tool for Mastery of Curation in WordPress

What is RSS News Aggregator?

RSS News Aggregator is a WordPress plugin that allows websites to achieve easy, effective and one-of-kind aggregation and curation of links. Display a beautiful, and thoughtful, collection of links from anywhere, not just sites with RSS Feeds.

The web’s top news sites don’t just aggregate everything automatically. Instead they owe their popularity to a selective approach to curating links.


RSS News Aggregator for WordPress
by Massive Impressions

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Why is SELECTIVE CURATION better than automated curation?

REASON #1: Rote regurgitation of the entirety of other site’s RSS feeds doesn’t add value. It just dumps everything together thoughtlessly. What works better is SELECTING what is relevant to your audience.

REASON #2: What works better than just copying the articles exactly as they’re published,verbatim, is making the “Titles” shorter, more readable, more to the point for why it matters for your audience.

REASON #3: When used regularly, the process of selective curation has the most wonderful benefit: it makes the curator thoughtfully attend to new information in a way nothing else will. This imparts KNOWLEDGE to the curator.

Why not use any of the other aggregator plugins for WordPress?

“I always wanted to create a news aggregation site, trying different solutions, but the tools just weren’t there. I never found what I needed, so I built it this tool.

It’s been very satisfying getting the tool right and reaping its benefits, finally.  It’s so good I had to share it.”

Built by an aggregator, a curator, for aggregators and curators like YOU.

RSS News Aggregator was created by someone just like you, to do exactly what you’ve always wanted to do: create the best aggregation site possible.

If you’ve tried this too, you’ve probably run into the same problems he did. You’d have to go back and edit auto-aggregated links. You’d have to delete the ones you don’t want to keep.  It’s a sloppy approach, to just let a robot dump everything and then cleaning up after the robot. Cleaning up after thoughtlessness is no fun.

RSS News Aggregator - A Robot Can Auto-Aggregate, but now you do better.

The Challenge of Categorizing Links when Aggregating:

Categorizing aggregated links, simply by categorizing the sources, sounds simple, but it doesn’t work in practice.

These issues made creating aggregation sites a pain. RSS News Aggregator was created to aggregate in a better way.

Aggregating Links Without Hurting SEO

Search Engine Rank doesn’t need to be sacrificed to do aggregation.

Sites being linked to don’t need to be given precious “link juice” either.

RSS News Aggregator can link to sites without SEO penalties to the aggregation site or to the site being linked to.

There’s a global setting that each new aggregated link obeys – making it either a link that gives “juice” or holds it back. Each individual Aggregated Link can be either “nofollow” or “dofollow” on a link by link basis.

Aggregate the right way and keep all your juice.

Select Items from Individual Sources or from a Combined View

Know a link you want to aggregate from a specific source?

View that source’s newest RSS items, aka links, by selecting that specific source.

Want to see ALL new links from multiple sources at once?

View sources by source category, or all at once using the Combined Sources Shortcode.

Don’t be programmed by what social media chooses you to see. Use this tool to end your dependence on social media sites. Be the programmer and choose what your audience sees instead.

Aggregate Links Even if There’s No RSS Feed

Suppose you run across a link on a site that doesn’t have an RSS feed?

With RSS News Aggregator you can aggregate that important link – even if the site doesn’t have a feed.

Links from sites with no feeds can be displayed just like the links that are being pulled from feeds.

This lets you aggregate anything – even plain old Web 1.0 sites. Don’t let their limitations be yours!


You, as the Curator, Gain Knowledge in an Unprecedented Manner

Curation of local news or industry specific information does something special to the curator:

It imparts KNOWLEDGE  in a way simply reading can’t. Attending to new information on the web, judging it for relevancy to an audience, is a higher form of learning.

RSS News Aggregator has this power. It not only allows the creation of a compelling information stream on your site, but it also CHANGES you. Once you “drive” it you won’t want anyone else to do it for you. It will become a virtuous habit, a transformative force for your mind – like nothing else has been before.

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