PELISH.NET: A Site Built on Art Gallery Plugin

FULL DISCLAIMER: This is my mom’s site. She’s been very helpful for me in the testing and refinement of this plugin against actual artist content.

Susan Pelish is the only artist being showcased right now on PELISH.NET, however her husband is also an artist. This site used to show my mom’s work, my sister’s work and my father’s work together, but a little more than a year ago she re-launched the site with entirely new content and a new approach that focuses only on her work. Her art career spans decades and is revealed in much detail in her online autobiography that she enjoys working on.

Her site took on the role of e-commerce when she asked me to let her sell her work through it. We used WooCommerce. She was able to upload images and create Product pages easily. But it was awkward for representing a retrospective. So the Art Gallery Plugin came in handy for her retrospective. Previously she was using Posts and Pages, and that was confusing for her. She had her retrospective in both Posts and Pages with little coherence to the order.

Art Gallery Plugin now lets her, unambiguously, add items to her retrospective while at the same time adding pieces that are currently available with links to the Product pages they’re being sold on.

WordPress Theme: Flatsome
Plugins Concurrently Installed: WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, WPBakeryPageBuilder,

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