New Art Forms, Roles and Schemas in Version 1.2 of Art Gallery Plugin

New Art Forms - New Attribution Roles in Version 1.2 of Art Gallery Plugin for WordPress

Version 1.2 Features New Art Forms

Art Gallery Plugin continues to evolve with the addition of 28 new types of Art Form choices. New Attribution Roles allow Art Works to credit even more people, even more precisely.

Matching a work with one of the named Art Forms is critical for Google and other artificial intelligence to recognize what kind of work it is. New role definitions have also been added. Together, these new options allow more expression of artists and creators through their works.

Art Gallery Plugin allows artists, authors and creators to curate many different types of Art Forms within a single site. Creative people don’t always restrict themselves to one type of Art Form. Nor do creative people restrict themselves to a single kind of role in projects. Until now, it’s been hard for creatives to express the full range of their work through a single portfolio. Added to that challenge has been the burden of expressing works for results – taking publishing best practices and SEO into account. Different rules for different art forms were difficult to learn, let alone apply with discipline and diligence for every piece.

Now, Art Gallery Plugin makes publishing 59 different kinds of Art Forms easier. It tells artists what information needs to be entered depending on the Art Form. It reveals which roles Google and other AI expect for specific kinds of Art forms. For example, a book always needs an Author named for it to be described meaningfully. This doesn’t just apply to AI, but also can apply to human website visitors, especially when a site is showcasing the works of multiple people.

Artists often make both paintings and drawings. Authors often write short stories and articles, not just books. Actors can have both TV shows, and movies on their bio.  Art Gallery Plugin is created with the goal of allowing creative people the freedom to curate all their works and make fans aware of everything happening.

Imagine how much flexibility you’ll have expressing all you have to be proud of in Art Gallery Plugin.


Version 1.2 Featrures New Attribution Roles

Now Art Gallery Plugin lets a person define their role for a given Art Work in new ways. For example, Actor and Director are new roles that a person can have. These new Attribution Roles, along with the ones already included, give curators more ability to link to specific people involved with a work more accurately and more easily.

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