Working With the Offer Fields in Art Gallery Plugin

The Offer Fields in Art Gallery Plugin are a set of fields that are part of the Add Art Work interface. The purpose of these fields is to indicate, to visitors and web-crawling AI, whether a piece is available currently and what the terms of availability are.

Are you selling that piece?

When adding a new Art Work there are three fields presently exposed under the Offer area. These fields allow definition of Availability, Price, and URL of the webpage where the Work is available.

The expression of this information follows a standard called Structured Data. This standard is defined by a website called for Creative Works of all types. Art Gallery Plugin adheres exactly to this standard and expresses this critical information using the pre-defined manner artificial intelligence and Google’s web crawlers expect.

Say it your way how it’s available.

There’s a unique “business friendly” approach that’s being taken, with this Plugin, that takes into account how artists and gallery owners typically want to express the availability of pieces, over and above the somewhat sterile and inflexible concept of Availability Status as defined officially by Schema.Org.

Instead of displaying the Availability values only in the manner the standard expect, it shows phrases and terms that are configurable in the Settings area. These allow language that’s more specific to the business requirements and logic of each specific, for example the language the website publisher wants to show when a piece is only available for “Pre-Order”.

Say it with the Offer fields.

When adding a new Art Work in Art Gallery Plugin’s “Add Art Work” interface, 3 new fields are present. These were added to the official release version 1.0.0in the beginning of June.

Availability: This is a drop down field that allows selecting pre-determined values.

Price: This is a numeric field (one that expects a number only) and the currency should be omitted from entry.

Offer URL: This web page address is intended to be the location where the work can be acquired.



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